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28th November 2001

In this essay I will discuss how and why Richard Serra’s Tilted Arc.

During my last year of high school, and during the summers of 1999 and 2000 I worked at Burger King in Bergen, Norway. Whilst working there I developed good customer service skills and I also acquired some supervisory skills.

On the other hand, for the 30 % of students who fail their A-levels, they come out at the end of the rigorous two years with nothing to show for.

Thadde Hatunga BA French Single Honours French Language FREH10.252S Prisons Dtenu exprimental en famille

This is the image: pic/ham.gif

Je serai sans passion…

When I first heard about the play we were going to assess for this course, I was skeptic. I had never heard of Alice Chidress, and therefore I had no idea of what to expect from the play “Wine in the Wilderness”. So I did something that I should know better than by now, I jumped to conclusions. I had an image in my head of this play being about angry black feminists going on about how unfair this world is. I soon found out that I had never been more wrong.

On the whole, Textiles and Child development are the most popular optional subjects. There are no surprises here! As both these subjects are associated with women in one form or another. The least popular subjects are Expressive Arts

Rival studio STUDIO NAME had begun making films of classic books such as Dickens |FIND A FILM . 1ST STUDIO beloved that making a Shakespeare film would associate them with an emerging littary film culture. And they were right.

Who can help but idea into reality?

A similer verson of the city is built in Batman with it`s opening sequence of a mugging/ murder establishing the nature of the city. This image is re-affermed in the mayers speech about Gothem city being sinonimess with crime throughout the nation. The picture ios painted of a desprate urban space where innossent people are

With Close Refrence to Two Films Criticly Examin the Dark Comic Visions of the New Wave Comic Book Movie Adeptations. In particular Dessussion Must Focus on the Metropolis and the Tormented Superhero.

Rock Leagend Iggi Pop

Befor he is murded he is watching a sex show only to run out of tokens as he is about to climax. This shows how the city is .


a woman sits naked on the grass eating a picnic with two dressed men.

Taking a degree subject of this kind has taught me disciplines and theoretical grounding that has focused my vested interest in the arts.

What factors determine a product’s price elasticity of demand?

It is a little bit unusual in being the only council in England to ban dogs and cats throughout all its tenancies!

Lewis, for example, believes that people live in poverty as a result of what he calls The Culture of Poverty

The muffins were consumed

There is also, a periodic whiff of raw sewage about the city centre but I don’t want to dwell on that

cooked cheese was inevitable at some time.

What imaginary conversation games did kids play before telephones were invented?

The Beatles, Genesis – you name them he crucified them.

went out into the cold night with very warm hands.

And me, I was stung by a bee at a seafood sandwich-bar.


New technology systems (e-mail) have not been implemented and resistance to the ideas but now there efficiency is falling as correspondence between employees, PGG and other firms or clients can only be done through phone (and leaving your desk for in house information), fax or letter.

of it’s immense popularity and the fact that it was generally published in many low (as well as high) quality magazines it was not seen as a respectable art form, if an art form at all.

. Each of these classes Plato believed contain different metals in their souls

Vampires in ‘Pop’ Culture. culture based on popular taste and disseminated widely and usu. on a commercialized basis During the past forty years, beginning with the rise of the Hammer films, the appeal of the vampire to youth culture has increased dramatically.

(i) Do the central protagonists believe in the civilizations or the absence of social structures post-apocalypse?

“mangy little vaudeville”

I have to admit that before I started working at Anti Slavery International, I was a bit apprehensive due to my own insecurities.



Not too clinical + moralistic Make sure it conveys the right story Might be useful to give it a domestic ‘twist’ Or to give it a human interest ‘twist’ Timing is essential- issues can be manipulated


Prefrontal area: The ability to concentrate and attend, elaboration of thought. The "Gatekeeper"; (judgment, inhibition).

Possible ways you could talk with gene: 1 hymns – “I thought it would be good if we started off with a hymn or a song. I’ve got a selection here – why don’t you pick one” – “No, you pick one” – “ok then, choose one from the pack”

I'm also going to need a copy of your driving licence as well

STREET PREACHERS return from being the first Western band to play Cuba, to display the vitriolic return to form that is "Know Your Enemy" and to storm the Main


Hello my name is sarah louise

Question four showed that the majority of people wore sports socks for sport and training i.e. in the gym or running, however there were still a substantial amount of people that wore them for every day use because of their comfort.

8. Which of the following do you consider when purchasing sports socks? Please tick any of the following.  Comfort  Warmth  Flexibility/ Stretch  Brand  Price  Size  Fit  Quality  Other Please specify ……………………………………..

"Yes, we are," might come the shockingly curt reply.


The model, which is increasingly being used in developing countries from Cuba to India and from Malawi to Peru, is "sustainable agriculture".

They have retained virtually every patent lawyer in South Africa. On

large blocks, and negotiating amongst themselves about the idea of placing it and also comparing the weight and dimension of the blocks, which will allow them to develop language, mathematical, physical,

I am a very meticulous and courteous person and have a methodical and professional approach to my work. I am a well-presented person with an out going personality and can communicate at all levels. I am a hard worker and fast learner.

When he goes shopping he never has his ideas on what he is going to buy. He is used to shopping without his ideas.


Steve, Its only been 24hours since I was last checking my emails, but ive already missed so much! The thing is, when I was online chattin to nikki it was coz I was at a mates house, who has instant messenger. But now im back home and all I can do from here is send and receive emails when I come down to my uni to use the computer and it wont let me download instant messenger. So emails is all I can do im afraid! I wanna tell u something but you cant tell nikki! When I came down to essex to meet up wiv nikki I was staying wiv family and I told them wot was going and who I was meeting etc, it was them who drove me to meet nikki, and even then they didn’t really like the idea, fuck knows why. But don’t get me wrong, im my own person and couldn’t give a shit wat otherpeople think when it comes to things like that, so I come to meet her. I wait 2hours, she doesn’t turn up so I have to call my family to come and pik me up. I was thinking, hav I been stood up or what? But my main concern was that something had happened. I knew exactly what my family was thinking, u can imagine “oh, it was probably some 53 year old women just mucking about on the net wiv him”, so I just shut everyone out and packed my things got on the train and came back to London. When I spoke on the phone to u, if it was u or one of ur brothers, and found out wat had happened I felt physically sick, and was angry at myself for the thought that she stood me up even entered my mind. Anyway when I let my family know, coz I told them id keep them informed, there reaction was “don’t get involved or it could be u in the hospital bed”. This is when I realized how much I felt for nikki, coz I wished, and still do, that it was me lying on that fucking hospital bed instead of her. My heartfelt like it was breaking when u were telling me wat had happened, I thought I was in love with nikki b4 this happened, and the worry, the sunken heart feelin and anger that Im feeling now confirms my feelins for her, I know I love her wiv all my heart and I wanna be there for her and the kids and take care of them, and kick the living shit out of this guy if he ever comes near them again! Please tell her thankyou for the letter and tell her I love her so much and…,this must sound so soppy to u mate, but I cant help it coz its true. Tell her yes I know how she feels about me and the feeling is mutual and not to be silly about abi and Shannon! Im most probably gonna be coming bak to essex Thursday morning as I have thurs and Friday off work, im gonna be staying wiv my nan. I understand If nikki doesn’t wanna see me, even tho It doesn’t matta how she looks, but if you wanna meet up for a chat and a coffee or whatever then that would be cool. I wanna thank you very much for all this mate, I cant tell u wat it means to me, all I do is think about her and wander how shes doing. Please do tell her I love her and miss her so much. Ill check my emails same time tomorrow after work, thanks again steve. Love to all the family, -JAY-

The week highlighted how many people around here have a huge passion for Jesus and for telling others about him. It was an exciting week where god really revealed himself in so many ways.


b) Non affecte par la catastrophe.

The build-up reaches it’s end in the 7th paragraph with the ”when stiff and sore…” and as we go on to the 8th he seems exhausted (as if he has no energy left) and he just wants to surrender to the earth.

Hey Nicole baby, just an update. I think its lovely that u are concerned for me – u are the older sister, I never had, lol – and in some respects u are right, I shouldn’t get emotionally involved but she’s almost perfection. We spoke again last night, starting off very cool and in the end at 4:00 am (!), once again, we broke each others hearts. She was crying constantly – nice to know I still have that effect on women – I think, because she knew we couldn’t be together. I know we haven’t known each other that well, but nor did Romeo and Juliet, (I know that’s a fictional story!). No one ever (or will ever, I expect) has fallen in love with me, bar relatives, and she, at several times, said she loved me (even “adoring me”) but that it was breaking her heart because of the distance. Yeah, it broke mine too (By the way she is 25) and now I cant stop thinking about her. She is very lonely person and by the end, I was trying to make her feel better, by saying that I wanted to make her happy so much, and said even if we couldn’t be together, I would help her love men again and help her get back her confidence. She wanted to say goodbye to me for ever at least five times, but I flatly refused – I am sorry, Nicole, but u cant make the impact on someone’s life like she has, and then walk away. We are both busy until Sunday so we have breathing space, which is good. This doesn’t feel like anything I felt before, I have had crushes and infatuations before but this isn’t – this girl makes me feel better about myself, as do u, but she loves me romantically, and u don’t (obviously u are married). I am allowed a little happiness, obviously not – when I fall in love for the second time, and it’s the first time someone actually loves me back (and admits something i.e. me will be the most important thing that she has lost in her life), and she lives in Glasgow, then that’s not fair, Nicole, is it? Someone up there doesn’t like me at all. She asked me what I would be doing when I was 30. As it was 2:30 in the morning, I said that in January 2011, I would be in bed alone or dead, to which she got quite worried! And I don’t think that I can be in a relationship ever because I am (and she called me “mature beyond my years”, oh dear I smiled again, and now my eyes are watering) too full, bursting with love. I would scare whoever to death wouldn’t I? They would think that I was weird, which I am. Last night, when she said it was too hard for us to remain in contact, I pledged that I would tone down my love for her, into a trickle, which she said she wouldn’t allow me to. I did serenade her with “angels” last night, but it upsets her, so I will only sing it with u, if u will have me back, that is. U are also an angel, Nicole, but unfortunately u are a married angel and u don’t love me like that (and I am not asking u to). I still hold u I high regard – I do email u every day! - so I still like u. What do u think of the whole situation? It’s shit, isn’t it? David Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s nice to know chas and dave have been banished to the back, and that coldplay, as they rightly should be, are the front. I do have demons, Nicole, as does everyone – mine are naivety, self-doubt and ugliness, but I am sure everythings gonna be alright

Hi, I’m julien bioley

Do you know what the “television watershed” is? – if not then explain – Do you think it is a good idea? Do you think it works?

For example, if there is a gale blowing and someone says ‘There is a lot of wind’ it is highly unlikely that they are talking about a flatulence.

Unaffected by sun or salt spray Temperature range of –30 to 160f for continuous service.

You say you can’t decide whether buying a computer game or getting some clothes. Personally, I have no doubt that you should have buy some stylish outfits for working.


A product’s elasticity is said to be elastic if the answer is greater than one, and inelastic if the answer is less than the value of one.

tribal woman with typical hair style

I was not able to calculate exactly how much l must cost to live in Canada because l have never lived in there and been staying in UK for two years. Instead, l approximately indicated the expenses for living of my own family in Canada.

Key Ideas The series of lessons will be focusing on counting. Some important aspects of counting are: Number sequences Knowing some numbers Knowing the order of the numbers Knowing what numbers come next Knowing ordinal numbers Organizing counting Synchronizing number words with pointing Counting each item once and only once Understanding counting Saying how many there are Counting a number of things Purposes for counting Understanding why we need to count

The middle film, however, has languished among the obscure dregs of the seventies. This is unfortunate, because the film, The Omega Man, is perhaps the most socially significant of the trio.


I have a great love for this age students and appreciate their unique struggles and gifts.

Dear John. Just another routine day at the office…

Age: 54 Marital Status: widow Children: Lori (age 22) Jennifer (age 28) Interests: travel, writing, reading, gardening

Dougray began to get the impression that Luise wanted to be left alone. And as Tom had said, all he wanted to do was get his gun off…

6) Dramatic action rests essentially upon an action that is involved with resistance.

Media discourse is a huge subject, so we decided to

Tom Sawyer had planned the outcome of his escape from the start. In addition his now dead owner was planning on freeing him anyway so the whole journey down the river appears to be pointless and a waste of time?

The Nuns didn’t want Anna to leave Roehampton Institute so she had to resort to desperate measures


I was unable to attend my Women and Employment examination (Course Code SSPH20.474A) on 22/01/01 due to medical problems. I was suffering from food poisoning.

If they do not obey the ‘rules’ of language then they are wrong.

The next session on 'Parenting a Catholic Teenager' will take place this Thursday, 1st March in Stella Maris at 7.30pm, and will focus on the subject of teenagers and food; the talk will be given by Beata Rachowiecka, who is a nutritionist.

Either way, subversion resulted.

Does environmental education have "street credibility" and the potential to reduce pupil disaffection within and beyond their school curriculum?.

yujukol.;.mjnhnhgtfrfrn m m

Context: a friend, thanking me for bringing “British “ food to an international party, on the telephone

“howling over it like a wild animal.” (p.115); “’Killed!’ shrieked the man, in wild desperation, extending both arms at their length above his head, and staring at him. ‘Dead!’”

3rd april2001
Ask Evelyn - Excellent resource for childcarers/nursery assistants that includes short, clear and practical answers to carers questions about children.

The plague – Universal natural forces - Repressed energies Psychoanalytical response – Nosferatu as a symbol of neurosis Jonathan and Nosferatu as two halves of the same character

10. Ethical Implications: What risks might occur in your research and at what level? Physical: None Psychological: Not sure Sociological: None Loss of confidentiality: Minimal Deception: None Other: None

What happens to the writing when women write about themselves?

I am writing in regards to obtaining some information on any voluntary programmes you may operate in Africa.

Throughout my secondary education my one major personal goal was to become Head Girl of my school. With this aim in mind, on joining in the First Year I strove to become my female class representative. On achieving this I then began to path my way towards my goal.

One day the whole setting in the class had been transformed into an undersea adventure. It even included a role – play area equipped with underwater breathing apparatus where the children of course played all the time.

- At the fourth level or sophisticated, adverts can be even more confusing, as these types of adverts use more images and apply them to products.

FAVORITE BOARD GAME? It’s gotta be Cluedo. I was once in a ballet where I had to play Professor Plum but let’s not go there.

'Being fit means including strength training in your fitness programme. But what if lifting weights makes you cringe? With our beginner's strategies, strength training can actually be fun

Call 020 7350 1122, and ask for DC Maxine Davies, whose part time job is driving a blue 23 bus around this area.

Two students were threatened at gunpoint, London in separate robberies on Roehampton's Alton Estate, however, with the same gun, although not of course at the same ti

If one wants to understand the work of Niki De Saint Phalle, it is important to remember that her art stems from a personal catastrophe.


M: So, what do you do for a living? >W: I'm a female impersonator.

Lindsay MacRae, author of the children's book You Cannae Shove Your Granny Off A Bus, said: "Despite what your teacher may say, you can use mucky words and sexual expressions effectively in your writing."

The diary of my Spain -Cherishing the sole of Andalucia…-

The building in which the museum is set is very large and architecturally beautiful. I visited many exhibits, which were both new and old. The amazing part of it was the center dome that they have built to mark the Millennium. It is very impressive and gives the center court a feeling of being spacious. The library, which is set in the middle, is also very grand, with many books that you could not read in a lifetime.

Inspired by a postcard of two scarecrows, the duo follows two characters as they try to imitate people they see and make sense of emotions they feel. Whilst some of the movement is based on a scarecrow,


WXaxDj qY%0` „Z9 Ÿ‚•™ *X|QjˆŒ'P XN cF=0 Ÿš8„RY „z™v 3(# 4Z%™L(_- Œq XxA ‚ h Z˜,TX wˆJ shH: fU …aI[.Ρ LCL‘8 *- \ D”• sM B Ÿr“ŠJŠ “j% bR *!ۢlBriMv~HFŸGê ˜ˆ[)›

is this legal?


البريد لا يعرف عنوان الوطن الشريد _ بقلم: عادل حمودة

He wrote a great deal of piano music, including a Sonatina performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 1949. Many of his works were given pictorial titles, although these were usually added as afterthoughts. His marriage to the oboist Janet Craxton also inspired him to write a number of important works for that instrument. His style was concise, melodious and polished. He was appointed a Professor of Piano at the Royal Academy, a post he held until his death.

Should you need further information for my application for tuition fees, I would willing to send them to you as soon as I find them because all the documents mentioned in the applicant’s guide to support my application I can only find them in The Netherlands

2.2 The costs of going public The decision to go public is so complex that no single model can hope to capture all of the relevant costs and benefits. But almost all of the effects of this decision hav

‘Where ignorant armies clash by night.’ – evocative and sad. Recalls Grecian war theme (Victorian education based largely on Latin and Greek classics); people needlessly killing each other; need Christianity – when the Greeks were not at war, Christianity was at a high point and vice versa. Complaint about loss of Christianity;

one of the best examples of the silent era, and perhaps the best example of German Expressionism at its most expressionistic. The sets are some of the best ever put in a film: every building is designed so it looks crooked, and everything is grand and wild. The ligthing, which would be off today,


Love Muscle the hugely successful gay night began in 1992 and reigned supreme on Saturday nights as the UK's number one gay night. This night changed the face of gay cubbing

>God is the creator of all. >God is one. >God has no body or materials form. >God is eternal. >God alone is to be worshiped. >God spoke through the prophets to the bible. >Moses was the greatest of all prophets. >God gave Moses the law. >The law is complete and final. >God knows everything even before it happens. >God will reward the righteous and punish the sinners in this world and the next. >God will send the messiah. >God will restore the dead to life.

Mr. Dick Sadler established Sadler’s wells as a Musick house in 1860. Soon after Thomas Sadler well discovered a medicinal, dick Sadler was quick to promote the wells health giving properties.

Knowledge of Czech is not necessary, as all members of the Department speak fluent English, but a willingness to learn some Czech is desirable and of great advantage for day-to-day living in the Czech Republic.


BURGUNDY CLASS ANTONYMS / OPPOSITES WORKSHEET Find the correct words to match the pictures: elephants are ………… Mice are …………………. fire is ……………….. Ice is ………………………. This face is ………………… This face is ………………….. This lady has ………….. hair This man has ………

My strong points include having excellent organisational skills, an efficient telephone manner and computer/internet literacy. I have excellent meet and greet skills and have the abilty to look afterclients/artists by understanding their needs and demands. I am an excellent team player , hard working and detemined with a passion for both the fashion and musuic industry.


At the end of the meeting I felt that my professional practice was completely undermined and I felt bullied by this barrage of complaints. It was evident by this time that I was too upset to respond to the complaints and feel the meeting should have been halted in view of the seriousness of it, hence I am writing this response.

I also feel this may be the result of a grudge held against me.

Teachers complain about: Communications Mysterious decision making Them and us culture Sometimes the fewer meetings the better.

Star pictorial for Decemberfeaturing Michael Caine

the only solution was a social revolution. The work of Emile Durkheim takes a different perspective to that of Marx.

2.1.Establish the Oligopoly model

Since i was a child,i have had many dreams.i dream of mounting the five famous Mountians in China,

If we have a colour T.V., Dad says he will only have enough money to go to Skegness

and when finished she wishes to go on to be a nutritionalist. Which brings us onto me, the youngest of the family. Like my brother and sisters I come from Chorley in Lancashire (North West England),

I see myself as a gregarious, enthusiastic and talented performer who with the correct representation would prove to be a first rate performer.

3. Without question the most memorable illustration of Eisenstein's stylistic approach - and probably the single most cited and studied sequence in world cinema history - is the "Odessa Steps" sequence

哦~~有什麼方法讓兩個人 不分離

Play It Loud,Kiss Me Soft

The academic writing become important part in English Language Academy, as well in the academic study ,so if writer would like to improve his academic writing there are different conditions

When the theatres were restored on 21 August 1660, women were finally allowed to act by Royal decree, “we do […] permit and give leave that all the women’s parts to be acted […] by women, as long as their recreations, which by reason of the abuses aforesaid were scandalous and offensive, may by such reformation be esteemed not only harmless delight,

Actor and Actress needed for an exciting 3rd Year short film project

I have chosen to analyze the front page of “le figaro” dated the weekend starting the 30 of September. “le figaro” is a large broadsheet newspaper, roughly the size of an a2 piece of paper, approximately 36 cm by 44cm. However, because it is such a large newspaper it is usually folded in half when displayed on the shelf, therefore the principal selling points of the newspaper are at the top. The top section is also important because the reader reads from the top to the bottom of a page.

A simple reason leads easily to a tradition; what is natural & right & the way things are, what always has been & “always should be” is taken for granted. ( Roast meat in oven example)

This, however, involves confronting ruthless crime warlords, the corrupt local government and even police, during which time he is beaten up, drugged, kidnapped and tortured. Still, he blindly pursues his job

How would you define ‘experimentalism’ With reference to twentieth-century American music?

more treasures of the my documents folder

Indeed, the most widely-acclaimed Carnival artist to emerge in recent times is a white man, Peter Minshall.

Sixteen percent of women surveyed in Surrey feared that their partner might find them after separation.
, like the case of Kiranjit Ahluwalia who burnt her brutal husband to death. In a letter to her Mother-in-law Kiranjit wrote 4’He has beaten and cheated me for the past ten years’

Se, por um instante, Deus se esquecesse de que sou uma marioneta de trapo e me presenteasse com um pedao de vida, possivelmente no diria tudo o que penso, mas, certamente, pensaria tudo o que digo.

There were only a small number of theatre companies allowed to have a licence and to perform in Renaissance London and there were very strict rules concerning when they could perform. For example theatre was not to be ‘published or shown at the time of common prayer, or in the time of great and common plague’

Dear Michael and Sylvia
First of all I hope that you are both well and am sorry that this letter has taken so long to get to you, but as I am in my final year at university, my workload has been incredible and I have only this week managed to get it all done. Thank you very much for the Christmas money that you sent to me, it was much appreciated. In fact I was saving all of my Christmas money so that me and my girlfriend Clare could go away to Barcelona together in February, which is now booked and I am really looking forward to.

more exciting detritus on my hard drive.

We were sent on an induction course to enable us to understand what fostering was all about. The course lasted up to six weeks and was very intense! After attending the course we were left with open minds

The first instrument is known as the 'organisation of dots' which sets the scene for much of which follows, including analytic perception, illustrations, comparisons, family relationships and orientation in space.

Of course, the fact that in the Gospel of Mark, the meal motif occurs less frequently than in the third Gospel is the case,

It is in my opinion that every human being, boy or girl, man or woman is affected by mother hood, whether this works for the positive or the negative is another thing; they are however still affected by it. It is an obvious yet important statement to make in saying that all people are born from a woman’s womb, hence making the woman the mother.

On campus, Willow is overly enthused about college life and her ongoing romance with Oz. Buffy discovers Eddie a new friend is missing, that night she kills him, as a vampire. Buffy is then surrounded by Vampires and treats it like a normal slay until Sunday whips her ass...As a last resort Buffy seeks solice at the Bronze where Xander unexpectedly returns from his self-discovery adventure (as a stipper)!

Nothing for today really. i saw a woman who looked like eddie izzard after having had a stroke. her face was a weird contorted mess of subdued make-up and a perpetual sneer of confusion. she was a lady for whom the wind had already changed.

my brother sent me a mail:
hi al
sorry i no write regulary its just my arm keeps falling of
how are you
i am phin
gotta go
# love phin
how is uni
hope it is fun
thank you for your tape, it is very good although i only really listen to the kate bush side

shared computers, such as this often result in the previous user's work showing up in my folders. they are either worrying, dull or weird. here are some extracts.

Dear Sir or Madam: Thank you for your reply and granting full exemption. I enclose a copy of the back of the passport of my wife in this envelope. Yours truly, Park Yoon Man

Andrej Wajda, Roman Polanski, Krzysztof Kieslowski, Jerzy Skolimowski and Barbara Sass are just some of the filmmakers who graduated from the Lodz film school to and……………….(serious re-do of the intro!!!!!)

Discutez l’importance de la premire squence dans Les Quatre Cents Coups et Ascenseur pour l’Echafaud.

My commission design site is in Kings College Hospital, a medical outpatient waiting area. This area is used frequently, but patient are staying there only for a short period of time. The wall is an alcove, which has given me an opportunity to make a more three dimensional piece, without being in the way for the staff and patient.

it is about 2nd wolrd war ,all of the things were catraled by the gremanly army.oska sindele is a business man who have a lot of day he move to a big city to builed a large factry,but it's also cartaled by the army.he got a lo9ts pepole in his big factry,the are all loved him,it was beacuse those people were very poor,and he gave them job so they could earned some money to fit their family. one day ,a old man ask to meet oska,then he told oska he is a good man,they loved him so much,but at that time ,oska not really _____ they.after the old man met oska the army killed him.i still can remember when they killed the man,he said :i work for oska siondele.he died in a cold winter ,the white snow became red.his eyes never closed,he looked at the sky,but i think he looked at the god---oska. this is a great fiml of couse,but it was a little bit this film may something history dose not happend,it gets writtenyou see not objective truth but someone's interpretation and wish to make mark or persuade.but you know history is all about point of view--that is why they say that historians find what they look this is a really succsseful film ,it

Synopsis Stephanie Plum, bombshell bounty hunter, is dropped into a smorgasbord of murder, kidnapping and extortion. However, her mind is on other matters - she has two proposals to consider: vice cop Joe Morelli is proposing marriage, and fellow bounty hunter, Ranger, is proposing a single perfect night.

Virtually, no aspect of the Stephen Lawence murder nvestigation reflcets

At the age of fourteen Steve Reich became interested in rhythm when he began studying drumming with Roland Kohloff.... Steve Reich’s stylistic considerations is that he prefer to call his work structural rather than minimal “by restricting oneself to a single, uninterrupted process, ones attention can become focused on details that usually slip by.”

What equipment will be required for the test? The only equipment which you will need for the test is a pen or pencil. Paper will be provided for rough working out. As an on-screen calculator will be provided, no other calculators should be used.

Paul is God…Ya?

All quite odd. I do worry about the other students.

What if Ian Brown’s reality became more than a drug induced moronity and dolphins really were monkeys?
Then we would call dolphins ‘monkeys’
What would monkeys be then?
They would be monkeys too
What would dolphins be then?
Monkeys, silly.
So everything would be monkeys?
But what about dolphins
The term dolphin would be redundant, as dolphins would be monkeys
So what should the title of Ian Brown's song really be?
Ian Brown’s song should be called ‘If Monkeys Were’. Possibly he could have joined in with the vogue that is putting half your title in brackets, thus ‘If Monkeys Were (And They Are)'.

My New House
I took a photo of this block when I was up the top of Secker House photographing the view. None of the photos were in focus. Quite an achievement, I felt.
The Downstairs Loo
The faux pine flooring means I can step from my room in my stockinged feet and slide across to the loo.
The Role of the Guardian as Insulation
I have large windows and thin curtains. Plus, the landlady has yet to fix the fire. I’m not too bothered about the cold; too much heating weakens the immune system. But it seems sensible to conserve what heat there is. Therefore, I found myself Guardian and Blu Tac in hand, papering up my windows. My knowledge of insulating techniques is poor but I’m hoping that I’ll be fooled into thinking it’s hotter than before. I had to resort, eventually, into stapling the paper together.
The Radio in the Kitchen.
I listen to it when I’m cooking or doing the washing up. It’s wonderfully neutral and I can choose whatever I like, music or talking. I wish, though, that the pirates weren’t all garage. I want some unrelenting wub wub noise.
The Kitchen Table.
When I got in last night, we sat round the table and played stupid word games, drank coke and smoked (Not, I hasten to add, smoked coke and drank). I’m a newcomer to communal areas and it still pleases me. It’s like a sitcom. Or Hollyoakes.
The Ceiling in the Bathroom.
It’s dark wood and almost has a log cabin effect. It goes nicely with the yellow wallpaper and blue shower curtain. It’s nice to have a bathroom that seems to have some grasp of interior design and theme to it, rather than a design jumble.
My Balcony.
I am drawn to the outside wherever I go. For me, smoking outside isn’t done out of politeness, I actually prefer it. I tend to leave windows open whenever I can. My last house, I spent a lot of the summer on the roof outside the kitchen. Here I have a balcony. True, a small balcony with an old radiator and suitcases on it, but I can smoke there of an evening, despite the cold, which I secretly like anyway. I can hang my washing on the clothesline too. I have wooden clothes pegs.
My Last Day Before Resuming Work at Sainsburys
I was going to go outside and roller-skate but it’s raining. I fried up some prawn crackers for lunch. They were pretty good. Now I’m dipping biscuits in my tea and listening to Sibelius. I have to get some passport photos done today. The nearest place is the tube. A walk in the rain then. I think about umbrellas. Don’t want photos of me looking like a drowned rat. I replace the lid on the biscuit tin. The rain is coming down at about 45∘, maybe 50∘. Sibelius finishes his concerto. I finish my tea.
I have just read Puns by Walter Redfern. It was good. He seemed to miss one thing though, that of human vanity. When a person adds ‘If you’ll pardon the pun’ to a pun, it is, in part because puns are little verbal pariahs that need apologies, but also because punning takes insight into language; it demonstrates understanding and mastery. The speaker wants his pun to be noticed, and draws attention to it.

monday15january. found this on my harddrive.;amnaguge (oh, that was the wrong thing. that was my mispelling of 'language')At the time I wasn’t really listening. The girl opposite was having a lesbian affair over her mobile, or maybe with the mobile. She hung up and looked wistfully at the silent phone as if it was the object of her affections, the bringer of the voice. I was trying to get to load, but it was very slow. I felt I had been in the computer Labrador for much too long, and I needed the toilet. Really I had been here just over an hour. I always suspect that other people are looking over my shoulder as I type, so I was glad when the girl adjacent got up and left. was doing very little so I entered random URLS. doesn’t, but does. Work, that is. Actually is a beautifully minimalist page. is slightly odd. I perhaps I will go home and eat toasted sandwiches, or maybe I’ll sit here until it shuts. I don’t know when it shuts. The cold outside is appealing. On the train there was a girl playing a game on her mobile, it made loud electronic noises and was intensely irritating. I couldn’t decide how rude it would be to ask her to turn it down, and then she got off the train before I could decide. results in a message, not from the lord our saviour, but someone else, who says ‘coming soon, a site for all’. What a lovely idea. doesn’t exist. Sadly and .com both exist and are for boring firms. requests a password and username. I meant to write banana anyway. I stopped thinking about everyone else in here and got so absorbed in email that when I surfaced again I was paranoid I’d been talking to the monitor. This is how madnesses grow. Almost 6pm. Am I avoiding something again? Why don’t I leave? I am leaving I need a wee.


so, that was crow atak. i am a slave to novelty. sometimes i get bored so very easilythat it is necessay tyo keep finindg new things to do(truth is also important i like to explain everything, like a murdererer geting a straightend alibi, so no one can trip me up later. for this reason i muist add that sometimes i can sit vwery sdtill and not do anything and not be bored). despite having one blog already i find myself making another. why not write this on arsemoneky, i ask myslef? (perhaps i need somewhere where i can type badly)i'm not certain. it's like monopoly. it pays to accumaulate lots of rporepries (that says 'properties')around the board, however tempting it may be to hold out for park lane and mayfair.. or maybe arsemonkey bores me. (only it doesn't) CrOw AtAK may just be a fling. maybe i'm a terminal adulterer. one distinction between the 2 will be that croW atAk will have much longer entries with less attention to audience. not that there was much beofre. i don't really recommend reading croW AtAk, unless you want to hear about spelling mistakes thar amuase me, or talk about my ludicris handwriting. i really dont know how to spell ludicrious. this disappoints me. i was going to hide behind the bad typing facade, but i cannot do that. i must distinguish between typing errors and problesm of my own knowledge. you would be wrong to assume that longer entrires means higher quality. in fact, brevity is the key to quality, expect a negative correlation between qual and quant. i'd draw agraph, but i don't know how. i expect it would be aslopy line. maybe i'tds a new years blog. who bloody cares?